Imagination is the eye of the soul
Joseph Joubert

all I create
is made of paper
it weighs little
and says so much


In Japan paper has always been seen as a mirror of the soul. Japanese paper – kami – is not only used for writing on. Because of its purity it is also a symbol of sacrifice which testifies to the respect for nature spirits and for humanity.


About my work
In my work I am reaching for beauty in man’s daily earthly existence.

I often combine elements from nature, paper objects and wafer-thin drawings or sheets in an installation that I call a visual poem.
You can move through the installation in the way you read a poem: from image to image, from one stanza to the next.

The starting-point of my work is my personal myth: the installations can be seen as the stagings of a fragment from a diary, scraps of memory, a desire, a dream.

In these occasionally theatrical settings an atmosphere of lightness and melancholy comes to the fore.